Who We Are

WiSys' staff is comprised of business professionals with diverse areas of expertise in academic technology transfer, Intellectual Property protection, contract management and technology commercialization.

WiSys Staff

Sanga Arjun 264

Arjun Sanga


Sunkara Adhira 768

Adhira Sunkara

Assistant Director

Wilson Temp

Wilson Fay

Innovative Ventures Associate

Margot De Baker 2022

Margot DeBaker

Regional Intellectual Property and Licensing Associate

Hanson-Tony - WiSys Staff

Tony Hanson

Manager of Intellectual Property and Licensing


Allee Marti

Regional Intellectual Property and Licensing Associate

Cenci Mike 250

Mike Cenci

Intellectual Property & Contracts Associate

Jahn Gina 240

Gina Polito Jahn

Manager of Research Development

Sauer Craig 156

Craig Sauer

Marketing and Communications Associate

Schiff - WiSys Staff

Alicia Schiff

Executive Assistant & Program Coordinator

Olson Evelyn 562

Evelyn Olson

Event & Program Coordinator

Eliot Turnquist

Eliot Turnquist

Marketing and Communications Intern

Student Ambassadors

Kim Krueger Cropped

Kim Krueger

UW-Green Bay

Jake Plumley Cropped

Jacob Plumley


Alissa Santana Cropped

Alissa Santana


20220222 Tanboonrith Treesmorn 3

Treesmorn Tanboonrith

UW-Eau Claire

Board of Trustees